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Analytics service that offers a few key features: A client-side JavaScript snippet that allows a user to track events on their website. A server-side API that captures and saves those events to a database. A Rails application that displays the captured event data for a user. …along with appropriate documentation and instructions to start tracking any of your own rails apps. Skills, Gems & Technologies used Ruby on Rails, CSS, HTML/ERB, Bootstrap, jQurey, APIs. Chartkick and Groupdate for visualizations. Devise for user authentication. Staged Demo Heroku Deployment Sign yourself up and receive approval to your email. Github repo: Catravine/blocmetrics Screen Gallery Front page/sign-up Visualizations page About and...

Open To-Do API

Simple To Do API-only Skills, Gems & Technologies used Ruby on Rails. BCrypt and Knock, ActiveModelSerializer Github Github repo: Catravine/open-todo-api


Learning to use the fundamentals of Ruby on Rails to create a Reddit clone project of similar functionality. Skills, Gems & Technologies used Ruby on Rails, CSS, HTML/ERB, Bootstrap. Authentication from scratch, CRUD, MVC architecture, polymorphism, ActiveModel relations, RESTful actions, validations Staged Demo Github repo:...