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Capstone project for the Ruby on Rails portion of my Bloc.io Full Stack mentorship.  It ‘Simply Serves up leads’.  Meant act as a simple, stand-alone (non-autodailing) lead management system for low-budget non-profit phone campaigns. It lets callers mark them, save callbacks for follow-up, and lets admins import/export leads, search leads, manage users, and set sales goals.  I thought creating a software solution for my primarily pen-and-paper sales job would make a great capstone, and they are considering implementing it soon. For small phone rooms/banks that that don’t need their own complex phone system or a full-bodied CRM.

Skills, Gems & Technologies used

Ruby on Rails, CSS, HTML/ERB, Bootstrap, Postgres and pg_search, Puma server. Devise for user authentication. Faker for the simulated data in the staged demo (although developed to handle real customer data from .csv). Pundit for authorization.

Staged Demo

Heroku Deployment
login: admin@example.com / pw: helloworld
Github repo: Catravine/leadsnap

Screen Gallery

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