Caroline Courtney: Web Designer

Hi! I am a professional web designer based in Indianapolis, Indiana. I made my first foray into the web in 1997, and let's just say that I understand how far the web has come as an information and business media. And no, you will not find that first page in my portfolio.

You will find that my digital media and information technology educational background since then has served me well. But I have more than merely academic qualifications. It is a necessity to stay on top of trends and standards when it comes to the internet, so its part of what I do!

Not Just a Pretty Site

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Help users get what they want, instead of getting in their way! These sites may look good, but there's more to web design. I create web sites that are user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Behind the scenes, content is separated from presentation, and of course adheres to modern web standards. What this means in terms of tangible benefits, is that pages are leaner, and will download that much faster and save on bandwidth use. Its a snap to change elements of the site by editing just one file. All this makes the content of your site well-structured, and search engines like it a lot better that way!

If you want to be on the web, then you want a unique and eye-catching presentation that serves the widest audience, in the best way possible. Otherwise why bother!

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