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HTML & CSS Super Review

In among job search activities, I have completed the basics of HTML and CSS. It was mostly review since I had been fairly regularly performing freelance web design work from college up to about 2012 or so. But here we are a few years later and the game has changed some. Gone are the days of supporting CSS for Internet Explorer 6 for example (thankfully!), but the main new concept for me is responsive design for a variety of devises, like smartphones and tablets.

Media queries provide a succinct way to accomplish this and the Chrome web inspector with its simulated device viewports is a great way to test, along with flipping around with the dimensions of your browser window – the more ‘fun’ method.

As expected table-based layouts are more a thing of the past than ever, although I read that they are sometimes still used for email, since browser support of web standards can still be notoriously bad. Well I still remember the bad-ole-days, so if it comes down to it, yes I can write a table-laid-out html email. Yikes.

On to more Javascript!

Cleo is 'helping'.

Cleo is ‘helping’.

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