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Beginning of Frontend Course and New Blog!

I’m starting my Bloc.io Frontend course and I just had my first mentor meeting yesterday. I’m excited, and since I’ve recently (re)started my personal website & blog, I’ve decided to document the experience a little bit.

My goal is to write regularly, 1-2x a week maybe; and it doesn’t have to be a novel(!) – on the following possible subjects: my current Frontend course, my activities in the local Indy development community, or any random applicable/cool thing!


  1. Good luck Caroline. I am currently embarking on front end development myself but trying to find a good online course to do. There are so many to choose from that I am confused! lol. Anyway, good luck. And nice blog.

    • Thanks Gareth, and if you haven’t already check out Course Report if you’re looking at a more structured bootcamp situation. I chose Bloc so that I could opt to learn part-time and continue working while I learn, and it happens to be a great program too, I think there are a few others that allow you to do part-time though.


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