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SaaS Wiki Collaboration Tool: Wikis are a great way to collaborate on community- sourced content. Whether the wiki is for a hobby or work-related project, you will build an app that lets users create their own wikis and share them publicly or privately with other collaborators. Skills, Gems & Technologies used Ruby on Rails, CSS, HTML/ERB, Bootstrap. Stripe for recurring subscription of premium users. Pundit for authorizations, Devise for authentication. RedCarpet for markdown and live previews. Highlight for code-formatting. Friendly-ids for user-friendly slugs on wiki articles. Staged Demo Heroku Deployment Sign yourself up and receive approval to your email. Github repo: Catravine/blocipedia Screen Gallery Editing with markdown and live previews Editing with markdown and live code preview, collaborators...

Open To-Do API

Simple To Do API-only Skills, Gems & Technologies used Ruby on Rails. BCrypt and Knock, ActiveModelSerializer Github Github repo: Catravine/open-todo-api